http://deananand.org is the the personal website of Professor Anand Anandalingam. I am working on technology for a better world. I have recently launched a podcast on technology and society called The Future of Humanity; you will find this on my personal website right here! You can always google “future of humanity with dean anand” and listen on Spotify, Apple or Google or wherever you get your podcasts.

This website also contains recent writings, blogs and presentations that are research-based. My main research, writing and presentations are on the impact of technology on society. I also have points-of-view about current global politics and events in my  facebook posts  https://www.facebook.com/anand.anandalingam and my twitter mutterings at https://twitter.com/deananand.

I try to keep my personal web-site current but am always playing catch up! The site should capture a lot of what I have done and what I have been doing. Please send me your feedback and comments on anything you see, either at ganand@umd.edu or ganandalingam@gmail.com

My writings, blogs and presentations (including podcasts) reflect my personal points-of-view and editorials based on research, and do not necessarily reflect either the point-of-view or policies of the institutions that I am associated with or employed by.