Universal Basic Income: The Time Has Come

With the economic downturn caused by the lockdown and also the potential replacement of manual jobs by robots, the U.S. needs to seriously think again about using universal basic income to avert severe poverty in the population.

Coronavirus Conundrum: The Democrats Dilemma

  In these uncertain, stressful and turbulent times caused by the tiny Coronavirus, we can be certain of two things: First, it is certain that this novel coronavirus will pass as all pandemics do. Second, almost certainly Donald Trump will win a second term as President and it will be the fault of the Democratic…

The U.S. Undermines Its Democracy Much Better Than the Russians

First Published June 2018 Just recently, the five conservative members of the Supreme Court upheld Ohio’s practice of purging its voter rolls based on a failure to vote in previous elections. The state mails a notice to anyone who does not vote in two consecutive years; if the person does not respond and fails to…


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