Leading minds in the likes of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, social media and blockchain discuss how these and other technologies will radically change how we work, live, and play in the next 20-50 years. Host Anand (Dean Anand) Anandalingam has been a dean and scholar at multiple, prestigious universities. He and his guests from government, industry, and academia search for answers into how humankind can flourish and not succumb to the technological and economic changes that are inevitable.

Synthetic Biology and CRISPR Will Revolutionize Food and Agriculture Future of Humanity

We will discuss the promises and perils of synthetic biology, CRISPR and genetic engineering with our guest Kimberly Wagner (PhD in medical sciences, Harvard University) who is a scientist, entrepreneur, and business leader with experience advising companies in the agriculture, food, and healthcare sectors on technology and new product development. Kim is also the owner, along with her husband of Stoutridge Vineyard in Marlboro, New York that produces award winning spirits and wines. Even wine making may one day change because of advances in genetic engineering and biological sciences.
  1. Synthetic Biology and CRISPR Will Revolutionize Food and Agriculture
  2. Big Data Revolution: Old Wine in New Bottles
  3. Robotics and Automation Will Change the World
  4. Blockchain Business Imperative
  5. New Age of Journalism Impacted by Technology: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  6. The Impact of Technology on the Restaurant and Hospitality Industries
  7. Technology and the Future Management of Healthcare
  8. Universities and Shaping the Future
  9. The Trailer

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