Leading minds in the likes of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, social media and blockchain discuss how these and other technologies will radically change how we work, live, and play in the next 20-50 years. Host Anand (Dean Anand) Anandalingam has been a dean and scholar at multiple, prestigious universities. He and his guests from government, industry, and academia search for answers into how humankind can flourish and not succumb to the technological and economic changes that are inevitable.

Human-Centered Artificial Inteligence: An Idea Whose Time Has Come Future of Humanity

As artificial intelligence-based applications are becoming pervasive in every sphere of life, there is a movement to make it more "human-centered". We will be talking with Ben Shneiderman whose pioneering work has led to the Human-Centered AI movement. He is passionate about innovation and the good that AI can do in making our lives much better. He talks to us about how human control and AI automation can work together to make humanity better off than mindlessly pursuing AI-based solutions. Ben has interesting views on where the romance of AI falls down and what the future holds when using AI intelligently.
  1. Human-Centered Artificial Inteligence: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  2. Global Inequality in COVID Vaccine and Drug Availability
  3. Cultivated Meats: What the future holds for the way we eat.
  4. Climate Change: Technology and Finance Can Easily Mitigate Global Warming Today
  5. Dealing with Rare and Orphan Diseases:The Technology Imperative
  6. The Impact of AI in Medicine
  7. Medicine and Engineering will Partner to enhance the Future of Humanity
  8. Synthetic Biology and CRISPR Will Revolutionize Food and Agriculture
  9. Big Data Revolution: Old Wine in New Bottles
  10. Robotics and Automation Will Change the World

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